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Usability Testing

Usability testing is the best way to gain insights into how customers interact with a site or application. In fact, the more feedback touch points there are during the design process, the more likelihood the site or application will be successful once it is launched.

Usability research is the science that goes hand in hand with the art of design. From early paper prototypes all the way through to full functionality, testing can inform the design process at every step. At Mile7, we incorporate testing into our own design process as well as offer it as a stand-alone service to other companies.

The Importance of Experienced Moderators

Usability testing doesn’t have to be overly complex, but it does need to be done well.

Our usability scientists are masters in human factors, the scientific discipline concerned with understanding humans and computer interaction. They know how to design and moderate sessions that get to the heart of customer issues. And our reports provide prioritized recommendations that are clear and actionable.

How to Learn More About Your Customers

There are lots of ways to learn more about your customers. We can design a test specifically for your customers or with participants who match your customer profiles. And we can test anywhere you have customers, from locally to internationally.

Determining the Right Research Method

There are several different methods of usability testing:

  • In-person (lab-based) moderated usability testing. The best approach when close observation of non-verbal cues is especially important.
  • Remote moderated usability testing. Ideal when it’s important to test participants from multiple geographical regions.
  • Un-moderated usability testing. A low cost option for quick feedback on a specific issue.

With every test, we deliver actionable, prioritized recommendations that can be put into use immediately.

Damian Conrad